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How to View and React without a Head

You might have heard about Headless CMS. This new type of content platform gives us some benefits compared to a Monolithic CMS. We will talk about the key features of any Headless CMS and how we can integrate a headless platform into our React applications. We will focus on Storyblok, a headless CMS that offers a real-time Visual Editor, a great feature for developers and content creators.

Facundo Giuliani

Developer Relations Engineer @ Storyblok

Facundo Giulianiis a Developer Relations Engineer at Storyblok. From Buenos Aires, Argentina, he has more than 15 years of experience in software development. Systems Engineer. Full Stack Developer. Auth0 Ambassador. Prisma Ambassador. Cloudinary Media Developer Expert. GitKraken Ambassador.


Flutter for React and React Native developers

After working quite a long time in tech, especially as an architect, I understood that it's not good to be tied to a single framework for a long-time. You might have heard about the technical breadth term! If not, it means you should know what you don't know. It helps you broaden your knowledge, sharpen your skills, and ultimately make a better decision or even have a better career or life. In this session, I will onboard you to Flutter and its ecosystem, where you can start developing the next application right away. You'll learn Flutter based on what you already know. If you have been a React or RN developer, this talk will facilitate and speed up your learning process and help you add another skill to your resume.

Majid Hajian

Software Engineer, Google developer expert

Majid Hajianis a Google developer expert and passionate software developer with years of developing and architecting complex web and mobile applications. His passions are generally Flutter, PWA, and performance. He is an award-winning book author at Apress and instructor at PacktPub/Udemy and Pluralsight. He loves sharing his knowledge with the community by writing and speaking, having workshops and video tutorials, contributing to open source, and organizing meetups and events. He is also the organizer of several big Nordic conferences and meetups such as FlutterVikings!


Stealth-mode North Star! Rebranding in secret with feature flags

Great products combine valuable features with strong branding to a target audience. Defining your brand's North Star is the key to delivering the standards of that promise to your customers in a compelling — and memorable way. Occasionally though, your visual brand is redefined and you need to course-correct your UI to align with a new direction, while the rest of your team is meeting their own product goals. However! What if details of the rebrand are not widely shared within your organization? How do you get that rebrand in without sharing the details until it's time? In this talk, we'll take a look at how you can use feature flags to roll out an updated UI in stealth mode — without impacting the work or velocity of your fellow teammates.

Kathleen McMahon

Senior Design Engineer @ LaunchDarkly

Kathleen McMahonis a software engineer, designer, and conference speaker, who has deep industry experience that fuels her passion for making apps beautifully accessible. Currently a Senior Design Engineer at LaunchDarkly, she's also a Color Module Specification Editor for the W3C Design Tokens Community Group. In her spare time, she is the Creative Director for the CXsisters network, and the best lanterne rouge cyclocrosser you’ll ever meet.


Configuring Storybook to Create Accessible React Components

How to set up the popular component library management tool Storybook.JS to make the development of accessible components easier.

Kathryn Grayson Nanz

Developer Advocate for KendoReact @ Progress Software

Kathryn Grayson Nanzis a Developer Advocate at Progress with a passion for React, UI and design, and sharing with the community. She started her career as a graphic designer and was told by her Creative Director to never let anyone find out she could code because she’d be stuck doing it forever. She ignored his warning and has never been happier. You can find her writing, blogging, and streaming about React, design, UI, and more at @kathryngrayson on Twitter.